FIT Classes

~FIT Flow 1~ Reformer Pilates class taught at levels designed to help build a strong foundation and live your life BETTER!    

~FIT Flow 2~ Reformer Pilates class for advanced students that wanna kick it up a few notches and have a little fun!           


~FIT FREE~ Beginner Reformer Pilates class to help you learn the basics and get a feel for what our style is.  This class is totally FREE!      

~FIT Jump!~ Love Pilates, Hate Cardio? This all level class will get your heart pumping and calories burning all with a low impact work out.                      

~FIT Barre~ An all level, energetic class that utilizes the ballet barre to tighten and tone everything that needs tightening and toning!       

~FIT BARRE Burn~ 30 minutes of high intensity barre designed to get you in and out and on with your day.  *Note- the studio is open before and after class to warm up and cool down at your leisure.

~FIT Power Yoga~ Vinyasa flow yoga class with awesome tunes and a heavenly savasana . *Room is not heated but you will work up a sweat!*           

~FIT Fusion~ Combing the very best of yoga and barre to give you a fun and challenging way to get your FIT on.

~FIT Bliss~ Active, equipment assisted stretching in the Pilates studio followed by Trigger Point therapy and myofascial work.                                                          

                                                             **All classes require a reservation**

Private Sessions

We offer private and semi-private sessions in all modalities.  Please message us for details and to schedule yours today!